August 14, 2017


The novice trial committee has decided to drop the point requirement to 2 points to run in the novice finals.
August 1, 2017
Hi, All Please note: The Leatherstocking Sheep Dog Trial in Coopertown, NY (Aug. 26 and Aug. 27) will NOT be USBCHA sanctioned this year. The last day for refunds is August 8. If you would like to cancel your entry, please contact Mary Ann Duffy as soon as possible.

Sally Molloy

March 26, 2017
This is a follow up to the proposal by Jim Murphy concerning nursery dogs and which class in
Novice competitions they should run in. [see annual meeting minutes]

The Novice committee has decided to drop this proposal; no further action will be taking place.

The prior announcement concerning this will not occur.

Barb Armata
Chairperson Novice Committee

The novice committee was charged with a proposal concerning nursery dogs running in pronovice. As we are already into 2017 season, we can't change anything in the guidelines. We will be writing up 2 proposals and posting it on the Web site. We will also have it available at trials. We want people to vote for which ever proposal they prefer. We will require your name so we can confirm mmembership.

If you wish to comment, please email any of the committee members.

At the end of the trial season, the committee will make a decision.

Barb Armata
Chair of NEBCA Novice Committee


The NEBCA Annual Meeting will be held on Saturday, January 21 at the Manor House on the U Mass Amherst campus. Start time is 10AM.

The large geographic area covered by NEBCA has always made it impossible for many members to attend the meeting. We would like to see if we can address this problem this year by conducting an experiment in remote participation. We have just purchased a speaker that should allow us to conference in members from other sites and, hopefully, allow effective participation in the meeting.

It is important to understand that this is an experiment. Patience may be needed and modifications to the process will be made for future meetings based on the lessons learned.

We are not prepared to allow individuals to call in. This would create problems with issues like voting and taking attendance that we are not prepared to address at this time. What we would like to do is give members the opportunity to get together at satellite meeting sites. The minimum number of members that we will allow at a site this year is three. Talk to your friends. If you are interested in participating in this way, e-mail me a list of members who will participate at your site by January 14. We will provide, via e-mail:

  1. Dial In Information,
  2. Additional instructions on the meeting process
  3. An agenda and handouts that will be available at the meeting. It will be the responsibility of members at each remote site to print needed paper copies.

Please let me know if you have questions about any of this. My e-mail address is and my phone number is 603-499-3209

Note that the Amherst site is still the primary location for the meeting. I hope to see as many of you there as possible.



Election Ballot & Proxy for 2017

NEBCA Members

If you are a memeber of NEBCA, we would like you to know.

If you are holding a trial or clinic with a learning component, you may apply for funds from the Learning Trials Committee to help offset the cost of the event.
Please look under Learning trials on this website for our mission statement and suggested activities and for the application form.

Applications should be submitted to Valerie Pietraszewska by May 30th..

Valerie Pietraszewska
342 Streeter Hill Road
West Chesterfield, NH 03466


In an effort to limit date conflicts the Open Trials Committee requests that all new trials and any trials with changes be sent to the open trials committee chair.

The novice committee wants to remind all trial managers and judges that scoring for the novice classes must be in accordance with the NEBCA guidelines.

This is:

  • Novice-Novice - 80 points total
  • Pro-Novice - 80 points total
  • Ranch - 90 points total

The purpose of the NEBCA guidelines is to provide consistency and clarity in all aspects of the novice program. Questions can be answered, or for more info, any novice committee member.

if you have appropriate announcements for this page.