Fall Foliage Rules

North East Border Collie Association

NEBCA - Fall Foliage Championship

The Fall Foliage Championship is the northeast regional open final competition. It is open to NEBCA members with dogs that have qualified by earning points during the
regular open trial season. The trial is the held annually in late summer or early fall and usually moves to a different location each year.
The 2017 Fall Foliage Championship will be held at Beaver Meadow Road,
Cooperstown, NY, August 26-28, 2017.
This is a great opportunity to see top dog/handler teams from the northeast US and Canada competing on a challenging course
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NEBCA - Fall Foliage Rules

  1. To run in the Fall Foliage Trial each dog/handler team must meet the following requirements:
    1. Handler must be a member in good standing of NEBCA to qualify.
    2. Dogs will qualify for the Fall Foliage based on a dog?s rank in the NEBCA High Points Competition at the close of the NEBCA open trial season (July 31).
    3. Handlers will be limited to two (2) qualified dogs but may specify a third qualified dog as a substitute.

    Dates and Entries:
  2. The Open Trial Committee will set the date of the Fall Foliage. The OTC will also set the closing date for submitting entries and a deadline for cancellations.
  3. After the closing date, the top 50 High Points earning dogs that have entered will be accepted to run. A waiting list will be compiled to fill cancellations in the order the dog is ranked in High Points.

  4. Trial Format Preliminary Round:
  5. The preliminary round will consist of two runs on a national style course with the best of the two scores determining the placings.
  6. The top fifteen (15) scores from the preliminary round will advance to the finals. Ties for the fifteenth spot will be broken by looking at the breakdown of the best preliminary round score. If a tie still exists, the lower preliminary round scores will be compared.

  7. Finals:
  8. If conditions permit, the final round will run a double lift course.
  9. The finals will run on a clean slate.
  10. Final round ties for first place will be broken by a run-off with the method to be determined by the judge.
  11. Ties for second through fifteenth place will be broken by looking at the final round score break down. If a tie still exists, the preliminary round best scores will be compared.
  12. Runs that retire (RT) or are disqualified (DQ) in the final round will receive an official score of zero (0). These runs will be ranked based on the score earned up to the point of the RT or DQ.

This page last amended 1 March 2017.