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E. B. Carpenter - The Border Collie: Basic Training for Sheepwork

Iris Combe - Border Collies

Katy Cropper - A Dog's Life in the Dales

Bruce Fogt - Lessons From A Stockdog (3)

Eric Halsall - Sheepdog Trials (2)

Julie Hill - The Natural Way (Rev. Ed.)

Vergil Holland - Herding Dogs: Progressive Training (2)

John Holmes - A Farmer's Dog (3)

Tony Iley - Sheepdogs at Work

ISDS - Training a Sheepdog: A Guide for the New Handler

H. Glyn Jones - A Way Of Life

Scott Lithgow - Training and Working Dogs for Quiet Confident Control of Stock

Thomas Longton & Barbara Sykes - Training The Sheepdog (2)

Tim Longton & Edward Hart - The Sheep Dog: Its Work and Training (2)

Sue Main - Hints and Tips for the Trial Field

Luke Pasio - Heather Jean: The Working Sheepdog (not bound - 2 copies)

Marjorie Quarton - All About the Working Border Collie

Pope Robertson - Anybody Can Do It (2)

Julie Simpson - The Natural Way (2)

Derek Scrimgeour - Talking Sheepdogs (2)

Barbara Sykes - Understanding Border Collies

Mari Taggart - Sheepdog Training: An All-Breed Approach

John Templeton - Working Sheep Dogs: Management and Training

Top Trainers Talk About Starting a Sheepdog

Delta Society - Professional Standards for Dog Trainers: Effective, Humane Principles

American Humane Society - Guide to Humane Dog Training

Shepherd's Life

G. M. Anderson - Times Remembered

John Barrington - Red Sky At Night

Charles Bowden - The Last Shepherds

Louis Irigaray & Theodore Taylor - A Shepherd Watches, A Shepherd Sings

Phillip Keller - Lessons from a Sheepdog

David Kennard - The Dogs of Windcutter Down: One Shephard's Struggle for Survival
- A Shepherd's Watch (2)

Michael Mathers - Shepherders: Men Alone

James Rebanks - A Shepherd's Life

Roy Saunders - Sheepdog Glory: The Story of a Working Border Collie (2)

Iain R Thomson - Isolation Shepherd


American Rescue Dog Association - Search and Rescue Dogs - Training Methods

Jane Burton - A Dog's Life, A Year in the Life of a Dog Family (photos)

Geri Byrne - Sheepdog Champions of North America

E. B. Carpenter - The Blue Riband of the Heather, The Supreme Champions 1906-1988

Betty Cavanna - The First Book of Wool

Raymond Coppinger & Lorna Coppinger - Dogs

Phil Drabble - One Man and His Dog

Angie Driscoll - The World of Sheepdogs: A Photographic Tribute (coffee table book)

Noel Flanders - The Joy Of Running Sled Dogs

Bruce Fogle, DVM - The Dog's Mind: Understanding Your Dog's Behavior

Colin Gordon - One Man's Opinion,An Approach & Guide To Judging Sheepdog Trials (2)

Leo Gowan - The Craft of Stickmaking

Sheila Grew - Key Dogs Fron the Border Collie Family (2)

Eric Halsall - Sheepdogs, My Faithful Friends

Edward Hart - Jim Cropper: The Dog Man

Pat Hastings - Puppy Development

Jon Katz - A Good Dog

Janet Larson - The Versatile Border Collie (2)

Donald McCaig - Eminent Dogs, Dangerous Men

Olivia Mills - Practical Sheep Dairying

Monks of New Skete - The Art of Raising a Puppy

Anne Priest - Trafficking in Sheep: A Memoir

Karen Pryor - Don't Shoot the Dog! The New Art of Teaching & Training

Jane Simmons-Moake - Agility Training - The Fun Sport for All Dogs

Christine Smith - Your Secret Coach

Eddie Straiton - Dog Ailments: Recognition & Treatment

Barbara Swann - The Complete Border Collie

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas - The Social Lives of Dogs


James Herriott - Dog Stories
                               - Only One Woof

Dick King-Smith - Babe: the Gallant Pig

Betty Levin - Away To Me, Moss

Clara Stites - Sand and Gravel



1988 International Supreme Pt. 1 & 2 (VHS)

1989 British International Supreme Pt. 1 & 2 (VHS)

1991 British International Championship(VHS)

1992 British International Sheepdog Trials(VHS)

1993 International Supreme Sheepdog Championship(VHS, 2)

1994 International Supreme Championship(VHS)

1994 USBCHA/ABCA National Finals, Top 20 (4 set VHS)

1995 British International Supreme Championship(VHS, 3)

1995 National Finals (VHS)

1996 International Supreme Championship(VHS)

1996 USBCHA/ABCA National Finals, Top 20 (4 set VHS)

1998 International Supreme Championship(VHS, 2)

1998 USBCHA/ABCA National Finals, Top 20 (VHS)

1999 U.S. Border Collie Handler's Finals (VHS, 2)

2000 USBCHA Finals (VHS)

2001 International Supreme Championship(VHS)

2001 USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals (VHS)

2001 Bluegrass Classic Sheepdog Trial (DVD)

2001 & 2004 In the Mind of a Champion: Scott Glen & Alasdair MacRae & Their Winning Runs (DVD)

2001 National Cattledog Finals (VHS)

2002 British International Supreme Championship (VHS)

2002 ISDS Bala World Sheepdog Trials (VHS)

2002 USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals (VHS)

2003 ISDS International Sheepdog Trials (VHS)

2003 USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals (VHS)

2004 ISDS International Sheepdog Trials (VHS)

2005 ISDS World Sheepdog Trials, Tullamore, Ireland (VHS)

2005 ISDS World Sheepdog Trials: The Semi Finals (DVD) & The Top 5 Runs (DVD)

2006 National Sheepdog Finals: Top 2 Runs (DVD)

2007 USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals (DVD, 2)

2010 National Finals Sheepdog Trials (6 DVD set)

2011 National Finals Sheepdog Trials (8 DVDs)

2012 National Sheepdog Finals: Semi Finals (4 DVDs); Finals (4 DVDs)

2013 National Finals Sheepdog Trials: Semi Finals (5 DVDs); Double Lift Finals (4 DVDs)


Away to Me (DVD, 2)

Faansie Basson - Laying the Foundation (DVD)

Charles Bowden - The Last Shepherds (DVD)

Tony Collins - Training the Working Border Collie, Pt. 1 & 2 (VHS; DVD)

Katie Cropper - One Woman And Her Dog (VHS)

Gary Erickson - Training the Working Stockdog (VHS)

Julie Hill - The Natural Way (DVD)

Mike Hubbard - Stockdog Training Fundamentals (VHS, 2)
                            - Training Your Dog for Cattle (VHS)
                            - SDTF Out Work & Drives (VHS, 2)

H. Glyn Jones - Come Bye! And Away! The Early Stages of Sheep Dog Training (VHS, 2; DVD)
                           - That'll Do! Widening the Sheepdog's Experience (VHS, 2; DVD)
                           - Take Time! (VHS, 2; DVD)

Elvin Kopp - Training the Working Stock Dog:
                           Pt. 1 - Developing the Natural Instinct (VHS)
                           Pt. 2 - Mechanical Training (VHS, 2)
                           Pt. 3 - Practical Applications (VHS, 3)

Scott Lithgow - How To Get the Most From Your Working Dog (VHS, 2)

Andy Nickless - First Steps in Border Collie Training: From Chaos to Control (DVD, 3)

Alasdair MacRae - A Shedding Clinic With Alasdair MacRae (DVD, 2)

Chuck O'Reilly - Learn How to Train Your Stockdog the Right Way (VHS)

Aled Owen - 'Time Well Spent' with Aled Owen (DVD)

Phil Phillips - How to Handle Cattle with Cowdogs (VHS)

Derek Scrimgeour - A Hill Shepherd Trains His Border Collies (VHS; DVD, 2)
                             - The Shepherds Pup (2 VHS set; 2 DVD set)
                              - Training Secrets of a Hill Shepherd (2 DVD set)

Patrick Shannahan - Building a Winning Team: Off to a Good Start (DVD)
                                   - Building a Winning Team: Headed in the Right Direction
                                  - At Hand with Patrick : Putting Penning Pressure into Perspective
                                  - At Hand with Patrick : Sharing his Secrets of Shedding

The Sheepdog Video: The Training & Handling of a Sheepdog for the Better Management of a Small
                             Flock (VHS, 2)

Starting Your Border Collie on Cattle, Sheep and Ducks (VHS; DVD)

Christopher Timothy - The Year of the Working Sheepdog (DVD; VHS)

Training and Working a Border Collie (VHS, 3)

University of Guelph Series: Pt. 1: Selections and Early Training of Border Collies (VHS)
                             Pt. 2: Basic Training for Sheep Work (VHS)
                             Pt. 3: Advanced Training for Sheep Work (VHS)

Stuart Walton - A Look at Judging Sheepdog Trials (DVD)

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Babe (VHS)

The Basics of Good Sheep Management (DVD)

British Sheep Fairs and Crafts (VHS)

David C. Henderson - Lamb Survival (VHS)

Pryor & Wilkes - Sit! Clap! Furbish! How to Teach Cues & Establish Behavioral Control (VHS)

Audio Tapes

Hubert Bailey - Stock Dog Training Whistle Commands (Tape) (Tape)

Kent Kuykendall - Gaining the Winning Edge with Whistles (CD)

Alasdair MacRae - Whistle While You Work (Tape,2; CD, 2)

Charlie Ridener - Whistle Commands (CD)

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